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Student Life

久久亚洲国产中文字幕-91轻吻也飘然-深夜福利院老司影院Pursue your passions, discover new interests, and thrive at Princeton.

Life Outside the Classroom

久久亚洲国产中文字幕-91轻吻也飘然-深夜福利院老司影院Beyond the classroom, students have countless avenues to explore new interests, connect with others and build community in ways that both support and challenge them.

Students dancing in Sympoh

Undergraduate Student Life

With more than 300 student organizations,,, and several campus centers, the opportunities for students to explore their interests abound.

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久久亚洲国产中文字幕-91轻吻也飘然-深夜福利院老司影院Across campus, students pursue interests outside the classroom that make Princeton a diverse community of endless discovery.

Students walking together during the fall

Activities & Resources

Get involved in student life at Princeton.